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10 Problems That Could Cost Your Family a Fortune -- and Their Solutions Through Proper Estate Planning


Asset protection - are they dirty words


Have you performed your annual gifting yet


All I want for Christmas is my trust fund money!!


Basic planning for elderly care


Do I need a will?


Charitable giving - Help a good cause and get a tax benefit


Disclaiming your interest in someone’s estate


Does your estate plan need maintenance


Estate planning for the closely held business


Estate planning in the current economic climate


Estate planning issues for children


Estates Must File Form 706 to Make Portability Election


Estates should take advantage of the new IRS portability election law


Fairness in estate planning


Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust and how it works


Joint ownership of personal property and its effect on your estate


Power of Attorney v Conservatorship


Should I gift my house to the kids now or leave it in my estate?


Should I own my property in joint tenancy?


Should you advise your family and financial institutions about your estate assets?


Should you name a trust as the beneficiary of an IRA or other qualified retirement plan?


So this estate planning stuff really works!


Surviving Spouses to Benefit from Portability Election


Tenants-in-common; another estate planning nightmare


The Charitable Remainder Trust-Part 1


The charitable reminder trust part 2


The dreaded ancillary estate and how to avoid it


The Durable Power of Attorney and its effect on your financial matters


The dynasty trust and how it works


The executor’s role regarding claims to the estate


The Executor’s role


The gift tax exemption and how to use it in your estate plan


Time to get busy planning


Trusts for minors, why do you need them and how do they work


Twelve of the most common situations that a qualified estate plan can avoid


Two family estate plans Part 1 of 2


Two family estate plans Part 2 of 2


Two family estate plans


Understanding the differences between probate and non-probate property


What is a Family Limited Partnership?


What is a Living Will?


What is a Revocable Living Trust?


What is an LLC and how can you benefit by owning one?